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Applications for Academic Year 2014-15 and Family Housing 2014-15 are now available. Visit the Apply Page for more information.

Why Choose UWinnipeg Campus Living?

The easiest and most reliable way to secure a home from abroad

Many off-campus rental agencies will not approve tenants without a local rental history, and vacancy rates in Winnipeg are often less than 1%. This makes it difficult for those outside of Winnipeg to secure off-campus housing. UW Campus Living makes things easy for students. If we have rooms available, and you are a post-secondary student, then we have room for you. Applying early provides your best chance at securing a home in residence.

Contracts designed for students

Most rental agencies in Winnipeg require the signing of a one-year (12 month) lease whose start and end dates may not correspond to UWinnipeg Term dates. UWinnipeg, on the other hand, allows residents to select a four-, eight-, or twelve-month contract, depending on the room type and the resident’s enrolment in classes. With UWinnipeg Campus Living, choose the contract that works best for you.

Close to class

Living in residence can save huge amounts of travel time compared to living off-campus. When your residence room is just minutes away from class, it’s so much easier make it to those 8:30 lectures on time. You can even stop at home throughout the day to grab a snack, drop off textbooks – or even take a nap!

Fresh made food without the hassle

The Meal Plan offers nutritious, fresh, and ethnically diverse food options, while eliminating the time and effort required to buy groceries, cook, and wash dishes. Enjoy recipes made with fresh, locally grown ingredients, ensuring that your meals are as delicious and convenient as they are healthy.

A sense of community

“Residence is great because it unites a diverse group of people from around the world into a unique community, while still allowing each resident to remain an individual, and make their residence experience what they want it to be.”

- Harry, from Quellon Colony, Mexico


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