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Deposits May 3, 2010

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The deposit reserves the room. During the application process, the Housing Office will email a room offer to the applicant. The applicant reserves this room by paying a deposit on their application. Paying this deposit commits the applicant to signing and completing a contract. If the deposit is paid but the applicant does not move in or otherwise fails to complete a contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

The deposit covers against small damages. The security deposit becomes a refundable (see below) after the completion of a contract. The deposit helps to cover small cleaning and repair costs if the room is in a lesser condition than when the resident moved in, or to be forfeited in certain cases (see below). For example, if a resident makes a hole in a wall of their room, the cost of repairing the wall is deducted from the deposit refund. Examples of damage deductions dirty areas in the room, marks on walls and floors, and other cleaning or repairs.

Early Terminations and Damage Deposit Forfeit: Residents who either complete an early contract termination or who are evicted have their deposit forfeited in full. In other words, the Housing Office retains the damage deposit in these two cases. The forfeiting of the damage deposit occurs in addition to the payment of an early termination as well as any other outstanding charges on the account at the time of check out.

For more information about early terminations see Rules of Residence Living

The Deposit Refund Process

This section will explain why the deposit can take a while to receive — over a month in some cases. Before you contact the Housing Office with questions about your damage deposit, please read this post in case your questions are answered here.

Usually it takes about 1 month after the check-out date to receive a damage deposit refund (although it can take longer in some cases). During this time, a number of things happen:

Check-out inspection. First we compare the damages of the resident’s room at the time of check-out to its condition described on the check-in. If any damages are noticed compared to the room’s original condition, the Housing Office will charge the student the cost of repairing/cleaning these damages. With respect to cleanliness, the room is expected to be perfectly clean at check-out time to receive a full refund, regardless of the check-in cleanliness.

Paperwork. Next, there is process that Housing Office staff must complete. This can take one to three weeks – check outs for hundreds of residents are processed at once. After this process is complete it is submitted to the finance department who is responsible for processing the refund payments.

“Your cheque’s in the mail”. The type of refund depends on the resident’s forwarding address. Cheques are issued to Canadian forwarding addresses, while either bank drafts for wire transfers are issued to international forwarding addresses. (Residents with international address will be asked by email which option they want.) Refunds are issued to credit cards or as cash. It is essential for residents to update their forwarding addresses on the StarRez Portal before moving out of residence!

When to contact the Housing Office

Within one month from check-out. Because the refund process takes some time, there is no point asking about refunds within the 2-3 weeks of checking-out from residence.

After two-months from check-out. If the resident has not received the refund by mail after two months, please contact the Housing Office. We will be able to check the status and amount of the refund, and whether it has been issued.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this post is current as of June 28, 2013, but is subject to change based on infrastructure and policy changes at The University of Winnipeg. In the event that changes are made to our policies, the Housing Office makes every effort to communicate these changes to residents. Join our Facebook group to receive the latest news about Housing Office policies and events.


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