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Move Out Instructions October 27, 2014

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To read about move out instructions/check out instructions, please read Administrative Policies Section in the Campus Living Contract ».

Renewal Instructions February 14, 2014

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Note: Not all rooms are available for renewal. To find out if your room is available for renewal, read the Room Renewal Availability section below.

Applications Availability

Renewals for 2014-15 are scheduled to be available  from May 6, 2014 at noon until June 2, 2014 at noon. If you try to renew your current room outside of these dates you will receive an application error.

Room Availability

The following room types are NOT available for renewal on 2014-15 applications. Residents of these room types must instead choose the “Select new room preferences” option on their application.

  • Lions Manor 1-Bedroom apartments will no longer be available to students through UW Campus Living.
  • Furby Apartments will not be available to rent as student residence but will be available to purchase as condos from the owner. (Contact the Housing Office for more details.)


Subletting your Campus Living Contract April 13, 2012

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This post will clarify some of the terms surrounding the subletting process, and outline Housing Office policies on subletting/assigning residence contracts.

Strictly speaking, subletting and assigning have slightly different meanings. “Subletting” is when someone assigns their residence contract to another person for only part of the contract length. For example, someone might sublet their eight month contract for only the third month, then return in the fourth month. “Assigning” a contract, on the other hand, is when the full length of the contract is transferred to another person and the original resident does not intend to move back.

However, when the Campus Living Housing Office uses the term “sublet” it is usually used in the sense of “assign” as defined above. This is due to the more common use of “sublet” to mean “assign” by our residents. When a resident asks us if they can “sublet their room”, they are in fact wanting to “assign their contract”, according to the definitions above. The Housing Office does not typically permit temporary subletting, only the full assignment of a residence contract.

As of September 1, 2012, the resident applying to sublet/assign their contract will need to pay a fee. The new applicant, on the other hand, will pay an application fee on their application but not the sublet fee. Once the fee is paid, both the current resident and the applicant will sign a form to assign the terms of the contract from the former to the latter. Also as of September 1, 2012 residents may only assign their contract to a UWinnipeg student, and not to students of other institutions.

Parking your car while living at residence April 9, 2012

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One question we get asked often is if our residence buildings offer parking spots for students. Dedicated residence parking spaces are available only at Lions Manor, but there are parking options available for our other residences. In this post I will reveal these options and explain their pros and cons.

Discover parking options

On the waiting list? Read this! July 8, 2011

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Applicants are assigned rooms based on the rooms that are available relative to the application date: the earlier an application is received, the better chance of getting a room in residence. However, due to the large number of applications we receive, not everyone who applies UWinnipeg residence receives a room offer.


Bed bugs Frequently Asked Questions March 17, 2011

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Recently Winnipeg has been facing an increasing number of bed bug incidents. To help prevent bed bugs, the Housing Office conducts monthly inspections of all resident dorm rooms. The specific days and times of inspections are sent out by email and posted on each residence floor.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

(1) Bed bugs bite exposed areas of skin, although the bites themselves are not painful. The bites are noticeable by the red swelling and itching they can often cause. (2) Bed bugs often leave dark reddish-brown marks in areas where they feed (e.g. mattresses) . If you see such marks, it may indicate the presence of bed bugs. (3) Bed bugs look like this.

What should I do if I think I have bedbugs?

If you suspect you may have bedbugs, contact the Housing Office immediately. We will work with you to have your room inspected and treated as soon as possible. The sooner the problem gets treated, the easier it will be to prevent it from spreading to other suites.


Deposits May 3, 2010

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The deposit reserves the room. During the application process, the Housing Office will email a room offer to the applicant. The applicant reserves this room by paying a deposit on their application. Paying this deposit commits the applicant to signing and completing a contract. If the deposit is paid but the applicant does not move in or otherwise fails to complete a contract, the deposit will not be refunded.

The deposit covers against small damages. The Campus Living deposit becomes refundable after the completion of a contract. The deposit helps to cover small cleaning and repair costs after a resident moves out. For example, if a resident makes a hole in a wall of their room, the cost of repairing the wall is deducted from the deposit refund. Examples of deposit deductions are dirty areas in the room, marks on walls and floors, and other cleaning or repairs.

Early Terminations and Forfeit of Deposit: In certain cases the deposit is forfeited, (i.e. not refunded), such as when the resident does an early contract termination or is evicted. The forfeiting of the deposit occurs in addition to the payment of an early termination fee as well as any other outstanding charges on the account at the time of check out.

For more information about early terminations see Part 1 (Administration) of the Contract ».

Learn more about the refund process


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