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Pricing & Payment Info

Payment Deadlines and Payment Methods

Find answers to questions about when and how to pay your housing and meal fees (including making credit card payments on the Campus Living StarRez Portal):

Payment Options & Deadlines »
Payment Methods Accepted by Campus Living »

Residence Fees Pricing


2015-16 Pricing for Individuals »
2015-16 Pricing for Family Housing »


2014-15 Pricing for Individuals and Family Housing »

Meal Options & Pricing

Diversity Food Services offer various locations on campus with an exquisite and tantalizing array of foods. Our focus is on providing organic, delicious, locally sourced foods through a diverse and fairly priced menu. Find out why everyone’s so excited about this new food service on campus!


2015-16 Meal Options »


Hostel Pricing

Please refer to the Hostel website for hostel pricing.



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