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Housing Options (Families)

To apply for the options listed on this page, select the Family Housing Term on the Portal. These options are for families. Individuals should view the Housing Options for Individuals page.

Map of Our Residences


McFeetors Hall: Great West Life Student Residence

McFeetors Hall, our newest residence, is a LEED Silver certified building with generous natural lighting and an energy-efficient design on the Furby-Langside Campus.

McFeetors Hall offers modern 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments. Air conditioned suites are also available.

Internet access in McFeetors Hall. McFeetors Hall rooms do not include internet service. To subscribe to internet service, contact MTS Internet.

McFeetors Hall Apartments

Unfurnished Apartments (25 Suites)

2 Bedroom Apartment LayoutMcFeetors Hall includes 25 unfurnished townhouse-style homes: twenty (20) 2 bedroom apartments (58–66m2), and four (4) 3 bedroom apartments (78–89m2). 10 of the non-air-conditioned suites are eligible for the Manitoba Housing Rent Supplement Program (subsidy), while the remaining 15 will be available for unsubsidized student families, including a limited number of air-conditioned suites are also available.

McFeetors apartments have the following features:

First floor suites feature private entrances. Priority will be given to students with children and married/common-law couples. Participation on the meal plan is not required. All utilities included. Tenants must make their own arrangements for telephone, Cable TV and Internet.

Wheelchair Accessible Apartments (2 Suites)

Two of the two-bedroom apartments at McFeetors Hall have their layouts, cabinets, and fixtures specially designed to accommodate residents with wheelchairs. As there are only two accessible apartments available, we recommend contacting the Housing Office to determine availability before applying.

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