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Housing Options (Individuals)

Individuals applying for the room types on this page should select Academic Year, Winter, or Spring Term from the Portal, depending on when they are applying for. Room options selected on these applications are single occupancy only: one resident is allowed to reside per suite. For family housing options please visit the Family Housing Options page.

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McFeetors Hall: Great West Life Student Residence

mcf-facade-14McFeetors Hall, our newest building, is a LEED Silver certified building with generous natural lighting and an energy-efficient design located on the Furby-Langside Campus.

McFeetors Hall offers modern, air-conditioned dorm-style units with included meal plan as well as the option of family housing. McFeetors Hall dorm residents have access to common lounge/kitchen areas and laundry facilities.

Available room options include single and double furnished dorms, and a limited number of family oriented unfurnished 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments.

Internet access in McFeetors Hall. Wi-Fi internet access is accessible in 3rd and 5th floor lounges; student can obtain the password to access the UW-WIRELESS network on WebAdvisor. To enable internet access in dorm rooms and apartments, residents may subscribe to MTS internet service.

Meal Plan and Meal Program. Dorm rooms at McFeetors Hall include a declining balance meal card with Diversity Food Services. You can read more about the meal programs on the Meal Options page. Kitchen facilities are available in common area lounges for supplementary food preparation.

McFeetors Hall Dorms

Single Premium Dorm with Meal Card, Furnished (110 Spots)

Single Dorm Layout

McFeetors Single Dorm Floor Plan

McFeetors Hall has a total of 110 single dorms, air-conditioned, private suites including the following amenities:

Single dorms and feature private full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, cabinet, and mirror). Common area lounges are available for study, entertainment, and supplementary food preparation.

Double Premium Dorm with Meal Card, Furnished (60 Spots)

Double Dorm Layout

McFeetors Double Dorm Floor Plan

McFeetors Hall has 33 double dorms which can accommodate a total of 60 individual residents. Double dorms are air-conditioned, shared suites with two private bedrooms having the following amenities:

Each suite also includes a shared full bathroom (with toilet, sink, cabinet, shower, and mirror), and a shared kitchenette area with the following items:

Common area lounges are available for study, entertainment, and supplementary food preparation.

Wheelchair Accessible Dorms with Meal Plan, Furnished (4 Spots)

On each dorm floor, one of the single dorms has a layout and fixtures designed specifically to accommodate the movement of wheelchairs. Applicants who require one of these rooms should contact the Housing Office prior to application to determine availability. Common area lounges are available for study, entertainment, and supplementary food preparation.

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McFeetors Hall Apartments

Please visit the Family Housing Options Page » for information about McFeetors Hall apartments.


Lions Manor

Lions is a great place for those who enjoy community, action, and amazing volunteer opportunities. Located within a seven minute walk from campus, Lions offers a cafeteria, student lounges, and on-floor laundry facilities.

Lions Manor south tower

Front of Lions Manor

Choose from Furnished Dorm Rooms, Furnished Bachelor (Studio) and Unfurnished Bachelor (Studio).

Lions Manor is not available for Spring 2014 Term applications due to extensive renovations throughout the building. 

Lions Manor Dorms

Dorm-style rooms are furnished suites that, unlike apartments, do not have a private kitchen.

Lions Single Dorm

Lions Manor Single Dorm

Single Dorm, Furnished (63 Spots)

A private, furnished room with access to common areas including showers, lounge, dining room, and kitchen. Single dorms include the following items:

Lions Manor Apartments

Apartments are available both furnished and unfurnished. Unlike dorms, apartments do have a private kitchen. Lions Manor features both Bachelor (Studio) each in furnished and unfurnished styles.

Furnished Apartments.

Furnished Bachelor (Studio) Apartments (24 Spots) have the following amenities:

Unfurnished Apartments.

Lions Manor currently has 34 Unfurnished Studio (27m2) apartments. These numbers are subject to change over time.

* Note that unfurnished apartments require signing a three-term lease that lasts until the end of Spring Term, unless they sublet their apartment to another tenant. Sublets are allowed for unfurnished apartments only, and those who sublet must also sign a lease until the end of Spring Term.

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Balmoral Houses

The University of Winnipeg has renovated a selection of neighbourhood character homes for student living. With richly decorated common areas and back decks for barbecues, the houses appeal to people who enjoy a family-like environment. A total of 32 spots are available during Fall and Winter terms, fewer in Spring/Summer term. Each house has between four and eleven single, furnished rooms with tasteful amenities. Shared kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities are available on-site.

278 Balmoral

Courtyard at the Balmoral Houses

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