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Meal Options 2014-15

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Meal Requirement at McFeetors Hall

All Residents of double or single dorms of McFeetors Hall must sign a Meal Contract and pay for one of the Meal Options offered by Diversity Food Services for each Session in which they reside in a McFeetors Accommodation. UWinnipeg Students may select from either UW Meal Plan or Meal Program Options, while non-UWinnipeg students may select only from Meal Program Options.

Exceptions to Meal Requirement

Medical or religious needs that may alter the terms of this Contract must be presented to the Manager of Campus Living (Food Services) for evaluation. All requests must be accompanied by a certified physician prescription or letter from a religious leader. However, if Contract needs to be cancelled because of a legitimate medical need, verified by a physician, the Meal Cancellation/Buyout Fee will be waived.

Meal Plan Options for UWinnipeg Students

Three Tax-Free Meal Plan Options and one Taxable Meal Program Option are available to UWinnipeg Student Residents. UW Meal Plan Options allow the authorized cardholder to make tax-free purchases at Diversity Food Services locations with their Meal Plan Card. Meal Plan dollars unused by the end of a Session can be rolled over to the next Session; when the Resident moves out of Residence, any unused dollars on the Meal Plan may be transferred to a gift card (taxable) that does not expire. All Meal Options below include a $25 admin Fee.

Tax Free Status for UW Meal Plan Options

Canadian tax laws allow tax-free Meal Plan Options to be made available to UWinnipeg Student Residents only. Tax-free Meal Plan Options are available exclusively to UWinnipeg students. This tax exemption status does not apply to the taxable Meal Program Options.

Only the UWinnipeg Student Resident who subscribes to the UW Meal Plan Option is qualified to receive these benefits; The Resident may neither use nor allow use of their UW Meal Plan Card to make purchases for a third party. If the purchaser is not the UW Meal Plan subscriber, or is purchasing food for others, the cashier may keep the Card and report the incident to the Manager of Food Operations. Fraudulent use of UW Meal Plan Cards to purchase food for third parties may result in loss the tax exemption privileges.

Meal Program Options for Non-UW Students

Non-UW Meal Program Options are available to Non-UWinnipeg Student Residents. The Meal Program Card allows the authorized cardholder to make taxable purchases at Diversity Food Services locations using a Diversity Gift Card. Meal Program Options below include meal dollars, a $25 admin Fee, and applicable taxes. Dollars on the Diversity Gift Card do not expire.

Meal Cards

Meal Cards for both Meal Plan and Meal Program Options work on a declining debit system. Meal Card dollars can be spent at any of Diversity Food Services on-campus locations: Pangaea’s Kitchen in Riddell Hall; The Malecòn in Centennial Hall; Café Bodhi in Duckworth Centre; Elements in the Richardson College (alcohol purchases are not permitted on the Meal Plan card). Extra dollars can be added to your account at any time.

Meal Cards have real value and it is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure its safety. Lost cards must be reported immediately to the Manager of Food Operations who will deactivate the card. You are responsible for any unauthorized purchases up to the time you report the missing card. If a Card has been found after it has been deactivated, the Resident must report this Pangaea’s Kitchen in Riddell Hall where the Manager of Food Operations will re-activate it.

Replacement cards may be issued at a cost of $25.00. Residents must not punch holes in the Card as this may disable the Card’s functionality.

Terms & Conditions

All Meal Options outlined here are under review by the Canada Revenue Agency. These Terms and Conditions are therefore subject to change.

All Residents of McFeetors Hall Dorms must sign a Meal Contract for one of the Meal Options.

A Meal Plan Card is issued to UW Meal Plan Subscribers, while a Diversity Gift Card is issued to Meal Program Subscribers. Meal Plan Cards are non-transferable, non-interchangeable and may be used only by the person whose Contract authorizes them to use the card.

You must always have your Meal Card with you and present it to the cashier when you want to eat on your Meal Card dollars.

Tax-exempt dollars on Meal Plan Cards are specific to the Contract Dates for each Session unless the balance is rolled over to the next Session.

Meal dollars cannot be transferred to another Resident’s Meal Card or to pay other University fees.

Diversity Food Services and the U of W reserve the right to make occasional adjustments to Diversity Food Services location times and locations.

All requests for Meal Contract cancellations and approvals must be made to the Manager of Campus Living (Food Services). All qualified Meal Contract terminations may be charged $150 Meal Cancellation/Buyout Fee and are subject to cancellation policies.

Food Service Locations

Diversity offers three locations to serve you: Pangea’s Kitchen, The Malecón, and Elements: The Restaurant.


Pangea’s Kitchen is the primary cafeteria of Diversity foods, offering a larger menu, greater seating area, and more extended hours than the other two locations on campus. Visit Diversity’s Facebook Page  for the latest menu updates.


The Malecón is on the fourth floor of Centennial Hall, beneath the Bernice Reading Room. This location’s menu focuses on bringing you dishes from international cuisines. The Malecón is closed on weekends.


Elements is in The Richardson Complex on Furby-Langside Campus, right beside McFeetors Hall. Visit the Elements Facebook Page  for more information.

About Diversity Foods

Diversity Food Services is a joint venture of the University of Winnipeg’s Community Renewal Corporation’s  (UWCRC) & SEED Winnipeg to deliver excellent food services to the University of Winnipeg while providing meaningful employment and ownership opportunities for the community. Together our specific community objectives include job opportunities in the food industry for new Canadians, Aboriginal people, community residents and University students. Diversity’s mission is to provide food services that demonstrate the desire to meet the goals of sustainability at the University within a work environment that reflects a high level of training for the diverse group of employees. We believe that together we can both enhance the quality of food services and develop competencies in all our employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about Diversity Foods’ philosophy, please visit their page at The University of Winnipeg’s homepage .


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