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Meal Options 2015-16

Take the hassle out of meal time and have your pick of four dining options when you live on campus at UWinnipeg. It’s all part of a new food attitude that embraces local and seasonal ingredients, cultural menus, and old-fashioned scratch cooking.

How it works

Students purchase Meal Dollars for their Meal Card at the beginning of each Session. The Meal Card is used to purchase food and beverage items from Diversity Food Services locations on Campus on a declining debit system: the amount of each purchase is deducted from the card until there are no Meal Dollars left on the card. This gives the student the flexibility to spend their Dollars as desired rather than having a fixed number of meals, and the student may add additional Dollars to their Card at any time.

The full Meal Options policy is available in the 2015-16 Campus Living Contract ».

Meal Options

Students may select from 4 Meal Options, depending on how much food they plan to eat. (Note that because of the declining debit system, the number of weekly meals is approximate).


Medical or religious needs that may alter the terms of this Contract must be presented to the Manager of Campus Living (Food Services) for evaluation. All requests must be accompanied by a certified physician prescription or letter from a religious leader. However, if Contract needs to be cancelled because of a legitimate medical need, verified by a physician, the Meal Cancellation/Buyout Fee will be waived.


Pricing for UWinnipeg Students vs non-UWinnipeg Students

Three Tax-Free Meal Plan Options and one Taxable Meal Program Option are available to UWinnipeg Students. For UW Students, Options B, C and D allow the authorized card holder to make tax-free purchases at Diversity Food Services locations with their Meal Plan Card; purchases made on Option A are taxed at the time of purchase. Meal Plan dollars unused by the end of a Session can be rolled over to the next Session; when the Resident moves out of Residence, any unused dollars on the Meal Plan may be transferred to a taxable card. Per Session Meal Plan Pricing includes a $25 administration fee.

Meal Program Options are available to Non-UWinnipeg Student Residents. The Meal Program Card allows the authorized card holder to make taxable purchases at Diversity Food Services locations using a Diversity Gift Card. Per Session Meal Program Pricing includes a $25 admin Fee and applicable taxes.

Food Service Locations

Diversity offers four locations to serve you: Pangea’s Kitchen, The Malecón, Café Bodhi, and Elements: The Restaurant.

View Hours »

Pangea’s Kitchen is the primary cafeteria of Diversity foods, offering a larger menu, greater seating area, and more extended hours than the other two locations on campus. Visit Diversity’s Facebook Page for the latest menu updates and hours.

The Malecón is on the fourth floor of Centennial Hall, beneath the Bernice Reading Room. This location’s menu focuses on bringing you dishes from international cuisines. The Malecón is closed on weekends and over Spring term.

Café Bodhi is in Duckworth Centre. Deluxe coffee and espresso-based drinks, along with a variety of café-style snacks. It is closed over Spring term.

Elements the Restaurant is in The Richardson Centre for the Environment on Furby-Langside Campus, right beside McFeetors Hall. It’s the most convenient options for Residents! Elements is closed over Spring term.

About Diversity Foods

Diversity Food Services is a joint venture of the University of Winnipeg’s Community Renewal Corporation’s (UWCRC) & SEED Winnipeg.

If you’re interested in learning more about Diversity Foods’ philosophy, please visit the Diversity Food Services Website .